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13th Annual Crawfish Boil

Source: Crawfish Boil, 2017-03-01

Come join us on Good Friday, March 14, 2017 for our 13th Annual crawfish Boil! The party is hosted at our Tulsa Terminal. Located at: 5 Sulzer Way Tulsa, OK 74131.

ODOT Index goes up $17.50 per ton

Source: March Index 2017, 2017-03-02

The ODOT index increased for March 2017, going from $287.50 to $305.00 per ton.

Refining Relationships

Source: reaves article, 2017-03-20


ODOT Index goes up $7.50 per ton

Source: April 2017, 2017-04-01

The ODOT binder index went up to $12.50 for April 2017.

May Asphalt Index

Source: may index, 2017-05-01

The ODOT Binder index went up $10.00 per ton for May 2017, putting the index at $322.50 .

June 2017 ODOT Index

Source: June '17 ODOT Index, 2017-06-01

The ODOT index for June of 2017 has increased by $7.50 per ton, bringing the total price to $330.00 per ton..

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